Glass Bubblers-One Of A Kind

Glass Bubblers


Glass bubblers offer a different way to smoke tobacco. Most people who don’t smoke don’t know what a bubbler is. But to the smoking community glass bubblers have become mainstream. The design and the bubbling sensations when you inhale offer the smoker a whole new experience. Many smokers have limited or no actual experience in using a bubbler but when they use one they fall in love. There are so many positive aspect of smoking out of a bubbler. The water adds a cooling like effect to the smoke. For many users it lessens the harshness of smoking tobacco.

Many people do not like the harshness of smoking tobacco. It irritates their lungs or causes them to get sick more easily. These types of people should be looking into smoking from a glass bubbler. With the chamber properly filled with water most of the carcinogens are removed from the smoke. This aspect is often overlooked with glass pipes. Yes glass pipes are the most popular and the best way to smoke tobacco but they allow chemicals to enter your lungs.

Glass Bubblers Are One Of A Kind

But back to the positives. When choosing your bubbler you our offered an unlimited amount of designs. Bubblers come in three main varieties; glass Sherlock’s, regular bubblers and glass hammers. Sherlock’s got their name from the pipe that Sherlock Holmes smoked out of and glass hammers look like actual hammers. In the smoking community you will generally see regular glass bubblers but on occasion you will come across the others. The hardcore smokers will have one of each type of pipe so it is always nice to smoke with them. You never know what kind of pipe they will pull out next to smoke tobacco.

Glass Bubblers For Tobacco Smoking

One thing to look at when buying your bubbler is to make sure it is constructed right. Many times the stem the runs to the bottom of the bubbler will be crooked causing the bubbler to work weird. This is a very small issue when buying a bubbler but it is something to look at. Most bubblers come between the sizes of 3”-7” but it isn’t uncommon to see bigger pipes. Small bubblers are easier to carry while the bigger glass bubblers are better to smoke out of. A bubbler will cost you anywhere from $15 all the way to $60. Online smoke shops offer the widest variety of glass bubblers. So be sure to check the internet first before you buy your first glass bubbler.

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